From Boutiques to Retail Chains, from Lounge Bars to Catering Chains, we transform every commercial space into an aesthetic journey amongst furnishings with maximum functionality.

Numerous aesthetic, functional and economic aspects must be taken into consideration when designing solutions to furnishings for commercial spaces. From fashion boutiques to retail chains, from restaurants to lounge bars, from shopping centres to distribution chains, we must deal with specific contexts of use and the needs are different each time.

The emotion of a perfect space

Just as moods change, so do the characteristics of design and furnishings. In the same area of intervention we can, therefore, move from cutting-edge solutions, such as raised floors in porcelain stoneware, to the refined elegance of marble and ornamental stones; from satin minimalism of Corian and mineral marble to classic baroque furniture details. Thanks to the wide choice of products available and our operational flexibility, we know how to "dress spaces" with the ideal solution.

Functionality and Attention to Detail

Practical, essential, and functional for spaces intended for many visitors, where the furniture serves as a frame of the shopping journey; refined, elegant and emotion-touching details for commercial locations where aesthetics is the creator of the general atmosphere. Although each project is unique, our creations are recognizable by the choice of combinations, the optimization of available spaces and the quality of the materials and furnishings proposed.

With maximum functionality, we transform every commercial space into an aesthetic journey through furnishings.