From Villas to Country Manors, from Lofts to Residential Complexes, all our furnishing proposals are tailored and customized to your tastes and desires.

Research for the highest quality and customization in furnishings and finishes is the keystone that guides us in every furnishing project dedicated to the residential sector. Villas, suites, apartments, lofts, residential complexes, country houses or castles reflect the soul of a place and the personal taste of those who live in it. Space and furnishings become traveling companions, in a bond that feeds on the passing of time and the patina that makes the place and its memory more suggestive.

A space that tells a story

Our project managers know how to best interpret the soul of each place thanks to their ability to attentively listen to the wishes of each individual client. The proposed solutions are born from the comparison between the dream furniture and the elaboration of the same, at a design level. There are those who love luxury and those who love simplicity, those who want to be surrounded only by design objects and those who cannot resist the warmth of a rustic terracotta floor.

Vision and Balance

In complex projects, which affect both material and emotional aspects, the role of our project managers is to observe the whole of the furnishing project from above. This allows us to improve distribution of spaces, achieve the perfect balance between materials and colours, choose the most harmonious furnishings and decorative elements thus satisfying the wishes of the client.

Supervising each phase of the work, from the furnishing consultancy to the assistance on-site, and respecting the budget and established timelines are the added value of our work philosophy.