From Boutiques to Retail Chain Stores and Lounge Bars to Restaurant Chains, we will transform your commercial space into a journey through the perfect aesthetics of interior design and the keynote importance of seamless functionality.

Designing interior design solutions for commercial spaces is a task that needs to factor in numerous different aspects; aesthetics, function and economy.

From the fashion boutique to the retail chain store, from the restaurant to the lounge bar, from the shopping mall to the distribution chain, the requirements are always different, since each one caters to different customer needs and contexts.

Sitting comfortably, sipping a long drink and gazing out over the sea is one thing, while making purchases in a shopping mall is something else entirely.

Just as moods change, so do the features of interior design and decor.

And so, within the same overarching sector of operation, we move from groundbreaking solutions, such as raised flooring in porcelain stoneware, to the discreet elegance of marble and ornamental stone, from the minimalism of Corian and MineralMarmo to the intricate details of niche design decor.

In view of the vast selection of products available and our own operational flexibility, we know how to identify the ideal solution for “dressing” the areas in question.

Practicality, essentiality and functionality are the buzzwords for spaces designed for intensive use by the public, where the purchasing experience is pivotal to the decor concept. Instead, in the commercial areas where the general atmosphere is generated by the aesthetic aspect, the keywords shift to refinement, elegance and engagement.

Although every project is unique, each of our creations nevertheless share a recognisable hallmark in the inspired choice of combinations, the optimisation of the areas involved and the peerless quality of the materials and decor elements proposed.


Using seamless functionality as our keynote, we can transform any commercial space into an aesthetic journey through interior design.

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