Offices, Banks, Conference Centres and Meeting Rooms: we can interpret the areas for work and discussion by blending the specific intended use and the aesthetic aspect of each individual project.

Banish those awkward and anonymous old-style offices and conference centres, without soul and without personality, from your mind!

Thanks to the thrust of the digital revolution, and drawing inspiration from the great American corporations, interior design is rapidly changing the face of the business sector in both aesthetic and functional terms.

So you can forget about those impersonal, closed, dark rooms that all look like carbon copies of each other.

The new business areas are increasingly open and bathed in light: areas that are original and personal.

A constantly evolving array of materials and furnishings enables designers to unleash their verve and creativity, transforming the working day, the business meeting or the specialist conference not only into an experience of seamless organisation, but also into a rewarding aesthetic experience.

On the strength of our expertise in interior design in the business sector, built up over the years in the Business Hotel sector, we are in a position to optimally interpret all of your practical requirements, with a keen eye for the stylistic harmony of the whole.

In liaison with our clients, our project managers study the design concept right down to the tiniest details. After this, they supervise all the operational phases of the project, monitoring the supply of materials, compliance with the established timeframes, quality control and the co-ordination of the worksite.

With an overarching vision of all the technical and aesthetic aspects, our project division is eminently qualified to deliver welcoming and innovative interior design projects for areas conceived to stimulate sharing and exchange.

Areas in which it will always be a pleasure to work and to do business.

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