Limerick, Ireland


In the middle of what is perhaps the wildest and most fascinating region of all of Ireland, Limerick is one city that has known more than others how to take advantage of Ireland’s incredible economic growth in the 2000s.

In the centre of the city, overlooking the Shannon River is the Absolute Hotel, an example of contemporary architecture perfectly in tune with the history of the city.

In fact, it was erected on top of an ancient Franciscan monastery and is surrounded by buildings with a high artistic value, such as King John's Castle.

The Absolute Hotel in Limerick is one of the top hotel structures in Ireland, a 4-star hotel characterised by an an intelligent mixture of styles and the highest standards of comfort and service.

In order to create the interior design of the new Absolute Hotel, we selected and supplied all the furniture, floorings, and décor accessories: the result is a metropolitan environment featuring large slabs of stoneware, wood panelling, designer furniture and a painstaking eye to detail.

One of the leitmotivs pursued was that of using dark coloured bricks and irregular surfaces which go well with the traditional Irish architecture of the building.

For the bathrooms we opted for soft beige tones, exalted to perfection in the large stoneware tiles used both on the walls and the floors, while the decorations in metal and crystal pick up the effects of the accessories in steel and glass.

Instead, the hotel spa is dominated by mosaics with tiny bricks and timber.
This combination gives life to the relaxing atmosphere with its natural colours enhanced by soft lighting and a minimalist style.

The end result is the most modern you can imagine but in full respect of tradition: no single style characterises the hotel in a pronounced manner, rather, there is an elegant sobriety that makes it absolutely - to coin precisely the right term - immune to passing fashions.

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