Rome, Italy


Rubbing shoulders with Architect Francesco Sèrtoli.

Welcoming you to Via del Babuino, the fashionable heart of the Eternal City, is the boutique hotel Maison Evelina with four luxury suites designed to ensure an exclusive and very chic sojourn in Rome.

Only three hundred metres away from Piazza del Popolo and Trinità dei Monti, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Maison Evelina will allow you to be immersed in the charm of history with the ultimate in terms of comfort.

The restoration project of the apartment in which the hotel is set has been carried out with painstaking care by Architect Francesco Sèrtoli, who has renewed the internal environments by creating four independent rooms which fully respect the original architectural style.

As a backup to the consultancy and selection of all the furnishing materials, Architect Sèrtoli relied on the know-how of our project managers who accompanied him through all the design and implementation stages with careful supervision of all the steps of the job order.

To find out the reasons behind his choices we spoke first-hand with Francesco Sèrtoli, who kindly provided the following interview.


Maison Evelina's Architect, Rome

"Quality, professional organisation and the chance to design all the finishes with the intervention of one partner only: here are the added values contributed by Berni Contract in this specific job".

Architect Sèrtoli, what was your reason for collaborating with our project managers?

I have worked with Berni in the past on a holiday farm project in Tuscany, Podere del Priorato, and I really appreciated their precision and reliability.

What sort of décor idea did you want to create with this specific job?

My approach to projects is usually linked to the client’s wishes and the ability to guide them towards our world. My creativity originates and develops from the exchange between the two Client/Designer poles.

My intention is to take the client on a journey, at times arduous but always fascinating, that leads to the creation of a unique and inimitable design that I would call almost “tailor-made”. 

With the Maison Evelina project, the décor idea was based on simplicity, functionality and the possibility of creating contrasts between noble materials such as wood, fabric and marble and the poorer materials like iron.

What was the initial situation like?

The original apartment had to be totally reorganised in order to transform it into a luxury "guest house", an unpronounceable term that therefore took the name of Maison Evelina (after my aunt) and consists of four luxury rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a living area.

Were there any specific requirements to be met regarding the choice of furnishings?

Not particularly, even though the bathrooms were not to contain either wood or marble.

Which architectural/artistic/structural/functional constraints had to be taken into account?

One great limitation was the construction of the soundproofed walls and ceilings where not many holes, raceways or installation tracks were permitted.

Has the final result lived up to your expectations?

Yes, in general terms, however in dealing with the client (my wife) things were a bit more complicated. Involving her emotionally in the design and furnishing choices was anything but easy. (Laughs - editor’s note)!

What was the added value contributed by Berni Contract in this specific job?

Quality, professional organisation and the chance to design all the finishes with the intervention of one partner only.

Last question: would you recommend Berni Contract?

Definitely! It was well worth it, because together we have achieved a result with an amazingly high level of quality!

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