Florence, Italy


In an ancient aristocratic fifteenth-century Florentine palazzo, the fascinating suites of Palazzo Guicciardini allow you to dive into the art of this amazing city.

All the rooms, dominated by a myriad of frescoes by Poccetti, faithfully represent what the splendour of a Florentine patrician home must have been like at the height of Europe’s artistic and cultural renaissance.

Everywhere you look, sumptuous decorations frame the semi-columns against the walls and the original Renaissance-era doors and windows, while the wooden coffered vaults on the ceilings are one of the most typical features of Florentine architecture.

In view of the "majestic" style of the palazzo, our décor intervention had to consider the artworks as the central theme around which to develop the project.

The choice of furniture, upholstery, draperies, fabrics and light fittings was therefore based on the three following unmistakably Florentine characteristics:  aristocracy, elegance, and quality.

Each furnishing element has been finely incorporated into the decorative and artistic nucleus of the palazzo, creating a unique interior design project.

The halls and bedrooms of Palazzo Guicciardini now allow you to breathe in the immortal spirit of Florence.

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