Volterra, Italy


Volterra’s past is marked by a greatness and nobility that few other Italian cities can boast.

Volterra’s history is long and storied. Founded as a powerful Etruscan settlement before becoming a flourishing Roman town, Volterra became an important diocese in the twelfth century and a "principality of the Holy Roman Empire and Palatine County in Tuscany", with its very own mint and ample political autonomy.

Centuries of history have left some remarkable artistic and architectural testimonies in this city, including the Episcopal Curia, housed inside an extremely ancient convent.

The restructuring and renovation of the environments of the Curia of Volterra was a challenge
that only our extensive know-how in this sector could have tackled.

Indeed, we had to respect the aura of transcendence that emanated from its rooms without altering the building’s intrinsic spirit. This set in motion all our skills in a project with a complex development.

The refurbishment of the interiors and the décor was aimed first and foremost at preserving the rigour and simplicity of the building, with a careful eye to tradition.

The choice of materials was therefore fundamental: all our interventions had to harmonise with the environment and the areas still in good condition.

In order to ensure stylistic uniformity we focused primarily on the selection of the most suitable types of wood to create furniture without any contrasts with the original atmosphere of the structure.

We consequently gave preference to solid wood and a fully customised design that reflected the furnishings typical of religious buildings, with geometric profiles, linearity, uniformity and austerity.

Our network of artisan companies then took care of creating the individual pieces of furniture in line with our instructions.

The result is the most traditional you could possibly imagine: the Episcopal Curia of Volterra today looks as it did in centuries past – as though no interventions have ever been carried out.

This is obviously the most striking sign of the very high level of accuracy of this project.

A project, it goes without saying, of which we are extremely proud.

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