Villa Mussio

Campiglia Marittima, Italy

Villa Mussio, sheer Tuscan elegance

Luxury and charm in the heart of Tuscany

Commissioned by attorney, Luigi Mussio, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, this villa, designed and built by architect Cesare Spighi, was also the home of well-known painter and xylographer, Carlo Guarnieri, for many years.

Thanks to the recent renovations and our interior design project, Villa Mussio has now been turned into an aristocratic residence of great class where ancient and modern coexist in a play of rare beauty.

We have designed and furnished the large salons and eight rooms in a refined and timeless style. Each furnishing feature has been tailor-made and embellished with luxury fabrics and accessories, with great attention paid to the details and design.

A décor project developed ad hoc, where beauty and elegance have created an aristocratic gem immersed in the Livorno landscape.

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